Q & A with Dan Klasing

Q: Your new book, The Klass, is about a conspiracy in the South. What is “The Klass”?

A: In the book, The Klass is an organization of powerful Southerners. Their

goal is to take control of the southern states and secede from the Union.

This conspiracy began back in the 1920s and carried forward generation by

generation. The book is set in the present day.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of this conspiracy?

A: The Machine at Alabama really captured my imagination. Ever since I was

in college in the early eighties and law school a few years later, stories

about a “secret society” at Alabama have floated around. So I imagined that

as the place where training and recruitment for a larger conspiracy - The

Klass took place.

Q: Your book is titled The Klass - Tyros. What does Tyros mean?

A: Tyros is an ancient latin word meaning student, learner or recruit. The

Tyros is the fictional form of The Machine and I placed The Tyros in

universities across the South.

Q: Much of the action in The Klass takes place in Tuscaloosa. What made you choose Tuscaloosa?

A: Tuscaloosa is a great town and the University’s campus is beautiful. I spent

three years there in law school, so I could draw on those memories to

describe the scene of the action, so to speak. Plus, its familiar to a lot

of readers who may have fun recognizing some of the buildings, roads and

landmarks. It might help them picture what’s taking place.


Q: So, its an action/conspiracy novel?  Tell us a little more about the plot.

A: The Klass is close to making its move to take over the South. But they need

a weapon that will make them a military power immediately. They are trying

to steal a government secret weapon. But members of a fraternity of Alabama

become suspicious that The Tyros may be involved in a larger conspiracy and

become involved in the search for The Klass’s scientists who are trying to

steal that technology.

Q: What other authors would people recognize that write books like yours? For instance, if someone reads David Balducci, would they enjoy The Klass?

A: Yes, I think so. I’d also say Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Steve Martini and Ken Follet’s books are roughly the same type. 

Q: I understand this is only book one of a series. is that correct?

A: That’s right. The Klass’s conspiracy is too big for just one book. I’m

planning to release the second story later in the summer or early fall. The Kindle version is available on Amazon.

You can also buy it in paperback on line through Amazon, Books a Million or Barnes & Noble.