Dan Klasing is a practicing lawyer and author in Birmingham, Alabama – the heart of the deep South. Dan’s family moved to Birmingham in the early 1970s when Dan was just twelve years old.

Dan attended Auburn University and the University of Alabama School of Law, and has practiced law in the state for over twenty five years. During his education and law practice, Dan has lived in all the major cities of Alabama and several smaller towns. Dan loves Alabama, the South and Southerners.  Not surprisingly, Dan married a true Southern girl. They have two beautiful daughters, two dogs and a cat. The South produces wonderful and colorful characters all with their own stories and opinions to match.Throughout his life in Alabama, and especially during his law practice, Dan has been lucky enough to cross the paths of many. Dan draws upon his memory of these people, their anecdotes, views and sentiments to help form his characters. History fires Dan’s imagination. Using a historical event as a starting point, Dan builds situations for his characters to confront in the here and now. What happens in the past affects the future, so he incorporates events from the present as a backdrop for his books.

Dan published the first of his planned mystery/thriller trilogy, The Klass, in the spring of 2016.  His second book, The Klass-Doyens,  is now available for purchase at Amazon, Books A Million.com, and Barnes and Noble.com.